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A tour of the company Dornheim Medical Images

Early in the morning all the lights are switched off and the office rooms are still asleep. But soon the first rays of sunshine are falling through the windows and an invigorating fragrance of coffee is flowing through the rooms. All sorts of smart minds fill the company with life.


Through a keyhole, you can catch a glimpse at the desk where business-relevant decisions are made. Behind the next door you can hear fingers of eager IT-tinkerers dancing over the keyboards. In the room of the dual students, the door is usually open, so they breathe new life into the company. And the colleagues in the neighboring room always have an open ear for the questions and wishes of our customers.


From the lively customer contact, ideas for new functions arise. Customers with individual requirements are welcome and contribute to the further development of the Dornheim Segmenter. Our curiosity and expertise also offer a fertile breeding ground for research projects.


And so, day by day our employees develop and analyze, discuss and organize, telephone and visualize, until late in the night the last sip of coffee has been drunk and the lights are extinguished and the rooms fall into a well-earned sleep for a few hours.


See more. Understand better. Communicate easier.

Since 2009, Dornheim Medical Images GmbH has been a specialist for innovative products and technological solutions in all areas of two- and three-dimensional data from medicine and technology. Many years of experience enable us to develop innovative image-based medical products and software solutions for diagnostics, planning, documentation, communication, archiving, and training.
Our easy-to-use high-tech tools make the difference for our customers in everyday life. Our products are as innovative and diverse as the people who work for us. Our employees focus on the needs and wishes of our customers.


Your vision is our challenge

In addition to our products, with Dornheim Consulting we also offer the entire range of services covering all types of multi-dimensional data – from acquisition and transmission, presentation, preparation and analysis to their reconstruction, further processing, documentation and archiving. Many customers value our experience with complex and natural data. Many other areas have already been added to our original field of application, medicine, by transferring and developing our own technologies. With Dornheim Consulting we also develop individual software, hardware and system solution for our customers, especially with the focus on image analysis.

Career at Dornheim

Work at Dornheim

Professional, graduate or student–we are always looking for qualified experts in exciting areas such as image analysis, 3D visualization, knowledge processing, statistics, optics, real-time systems, automation, embedded systems or similar. Please send us your goals and your professional focus–we look forward to your application.


Dual Studies–we are looking for you

  • Computer Science / Computational Visualistics / Computational Engineering
  • Mathematics / Electrical Engineering / Information Technology

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