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Would you like to try out Dornheim Segmenter with your own data? You’re welcome to: Just fill out the form at the right, so we can send you the download link for your free 14-days trial version. You can use all features of Dornheim Segmenter during the testing phase. You may use the Dornheim Segmenter for private as well as commercial purposes during the 14-days trial phase. The licence expires automatically.


Dornheim Medical Images GmbH

Listemannstraße 10
39104 Magdeburg

Telephone: +49 (0) 391 5054 57 20
Telefax: +49 (0) 391 5054 57 10

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Using the following hints, you can judge which edition is right for you. The editions are based on each other, so each edition includes the features of the  editions above it in the list.

Dornheim DICOM Viewer

View DICOM datasets (e.g. CT, MRI, ultrasound) or a patient CD, either by slice in 2D or as a whole 3D image.

Dornheim Segmenter Viewer

Examine, measure, annotate, moderately convert, anonymize and create videos from 2D and 3D datasets (e.g. DICOM datasets, voxel-based RAW datasets or JPEG image stacks). Organize, search, and save to a local database or PACS.

Dornheim Segmenter Modeler

Edit and segment 2D and 3D datasets (such as DICOM datasets, voxel-based RAW datasets or JPEG image stacks) to create 3D models, e.g. for 3D animations or
for 3D prints.

Dornheim Segmenter Analyzer

Analyze 2D and 3D datasets (such as DICOM datasets, voxel-based RAW datasets, or JPEG image stacks), quality-wise and in large quantities. Automatically measure (e.g. sizes, surfaces, volumes, cross-sections, distances) or evaluate (e.g. textures, porosities, components, connections) structures and objects
the dataset contain.

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