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Segmenter Station – working optimally with the Segmenter

As a mobile and powerful solution for workstations in medical practices and clinics, the Segmenter Station offers everything that meets the individual requirements of demanding Segmenter users. It is completely compatible with the Segmenter PACS, but can also be used separately. Therefore, the Segmenter Station has its own DICOM database with integrated patient management, which organizes locally stored DICOM data.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology precisely tailored to the Dornheim Segmenter products–and with the appropriate Dornheim Segmenter edition already installed–extensive data analysis can be performed; segmentation and 3D models can be prepared for the planning of complex surgical procedures; materials for professional presentations can be created; and patient communication can benefit from 3D visualizations. Of course, other software can also be installed on the Segmenter Station.

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